The Larder Louts project aims to get older people cooking. We teach basic cooking skills or help rejuvenate existing ones. Learn how to make nutritious tasty dishes at our friendly easy cooking lessons.  Men who are unused to cooking are particularly welcome but these courses are open to all. We are in the process of developing this project to enable us to bring it to a wider audience. We are delighted to have been selected to be participants of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme which is helping us achieve this aim.

We have recently secured funding and support from St Albans and District Community Grant Fund, The Harpenden Trust, Redbourn Parish Council and The Hertfordshire Community Foundation with additional support from Redbourn Food Co-op and The Redbourn Care Group.  We are very grateful to all these groups to enable us to offer our Larder Louts classes at considerably reduced prices 

Please Note: All sessions are currently cancelled due to COVID 

  • All ingredients and equipment provided with recipes to take home

  • You take home the dishes you prepare which are portioned for 2 people. You will usually make 1 or 2 different dishes at each session.

  • Food is usually taken away ready for oven cooking at home to ensure best eating quality. We provide full cooking instructions

  • If you make more than you can eat on the day of making, dishes can be frozen at home - we will give you full instructions for doing so

  • Sessions are held generally during the daytime, at convenient locations near you. We are always looking for new places to bring our project to, so if you have an existing group that would like a cooking workshop do get in touch

  • Most allergies and food intolerances can be catered for if we know in advance

  • Recipes covered are both sweet and savoury - some traditional dishes and some that may be new to you. We always include information about how you can adapt the cooking to suit your own taste, including vegetarian versions.

  • Affordable and enjoyable, our courses come highly recommended

  • Sessions usually run in 3 or 4 week blocks, however we understand you may not be free to attend consecutive weeks so we have a flexible sign up policy and you only pay for those you can attend (1 weeks notice of non attendance is required). Sessions last for one and half to 2 hours depending on the location

  • Subsidised places are available. Most of our courses are sponsored by a local or national charity to enable us to offer them to you at considerably reduced rates. Prices generally are from between £3 - £10 a week (and you will usually take away 1 or 2 dishes for 2 people from each session with recipes - everything is included in the cost)

As we are develop this project we are adding new locations where sessions are available so for current details of when and where you can find us please give us a ring on 07973 383607 or 07899 751211 or contact us by clicking here .